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Teacher, Swedish, Swedish as Second Language

Internationella Engelska Skolan (IES) is a leading independent school group with academic results far above average and a diverse and energetic staff.
Teaching is in both Swedish and English, and the hallways are bilingual.
The language of meetings and communication amongst the staff is English.

IES is one of Sweden's largest school groups at compulsory school level with 48 schools and around 32,000 students across the country.
IES has grown steadily and maintained quality since 1993.

International English School Kista is looking for a dynamic and enthusiastic teacher in Swedish as Second language, full-time starting on the 7th of August

We are looking for you who is a qualified teacher in Swedish as Second Language (SvA), qualified in Sweden with Lärarlegitimation, who loves to teach and who always puts the student in the center.

You have a positive and professional approach, you are flexible and show great commitment to your work.
International experience and good knowledge of the English language are meritorious.

Included in the work description, aside from common teacher tasks such as planning, teaching, marking, and follow-ups, is mentorship for 16 students in one of the year levels that you teach.
You have to be available for meetings with parents, students, or colleagues and to actively work towards maintaining the IES Ethos.

Apply now by submitting your CV and cover letter.
Recruitment is starting and the position could be filled before the application time has run out.

Internationella Engelska Skolan i Sverige AB

Isafjordsgatan 39
16440 0180
Jorgen Smederod
+46 70 738 9764
publicerad: 2024-05-15
Ämneslärare, 7-9
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sista ansökningsdag: 2024-06-18
erfarenhet: must have work_experience:Ämneslärare, 7-9 - erfarenhet efterfrågas