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Electronics Developer

I am Oskar, your potential next leader and a veteran in the context of Vasaloppet, 11, and still going strong! For me, engineering has been the most interesting when I have had projects and problems to solve with all the different parts of a product.
I love to work in the area where software and hardware meet, and the most fun is when it contributes to a better society.
You will enjoy being a part of my team if you like the freedom to try new assignments and technologies and wants to create products.
My leadership style is to help you grow in the paste and direction that you would like.
That is also why I chose to join Knightec from the beginning!

Why working as a consultant will fit you

Because you want to focus on solving technical problems without internal politics, you want to make new products that last, not handling the old legacy.
And you want to have a team with engineers who understand the problem you meet and help you see them from another perspective.

What will you work with?

As an electronics developer in our team in Stockholm, you will work with product and service development for great Swedish technology clients.
The projects range from big international clients with complex systems to innovative in-house projects for smaller organizations.
This means that you get to work with big electronics solutions with a high demand for requirement management and complex PCB design for more simple solutions that need to interact with software and mechanics, demanding a holistic approach and understanding of the whole product development chain.

We believe that a holistic approach is required to make products and services succeed, both now and in the future.
That's why we work within six fields of opportunities where your and our expertise can make an impact.
You will have the chance to work within teams that focus on, for example, autonomous, connected and safe and secure, and we have an extra focus on electromobility and battery management systems.

What you need to bring
  • Understanding of the product development process and more profound knowledge of at least one part of it, for example, design, layout, production, and verification
  • Experience in an electronics design program such as Altium, Cadence, and Mentor

We are consultants in technology, digitalization, and leadership.
We work to improve people's lives through game-changing solutions.
We are engineers focusing on product development that should be sustainable and durable in edge technology in both in-house projects and at customer sites.
We are more than 900 engineers in 10 different cities.
To be a consultant at Knightec isn't just a job; it is the way to build a career that you can be proud of!

Knightec AB

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Simon Mäki
publicerad: 2024-05-15
Civilingenjör, konstruktion, elektronik
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